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Recent Activities
N2O "Is there still a place for nitrous oxide in modern anesthesia care ?" A discussion with rather polarizing arguments has emerged from Germany under this headline.
The ISMG organized several breakfast panels and symposia on the topic:
5. Sattellitensymposium Lachgas
19.Symposium Intensivmedizin & Intensivpflege 2009
Bremen, Germany
» Abstracts (PDF)
4. Sattellitensymposium Lachgas
18.Symposium Intensivmedizin & Intensivpflege 2008
Bremen, Germany
» Abstracts(PDF)
3. Sattellitensymposium Lachgas
17.Symposium Intensivmedizin & Intensivpflege 2007
Bremen, Germany
» Abstracts (PDF)

2. Sattellitensymposium Lachgas
16.Symposium Intensivmedizin & Intensivpflege 2006
Bremen, Germany
» Abstracts (PDF)

Seminarkongress Anästhesiologie 2006
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
1. Sattellitensymposium Lachgas
15.Symposium Intensivmedizin & Intensivpflege 2005

Bremen, Germany
» Abstracts (PDF)
Seminarkongress Anästhesiologie 2004
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
» Summary (PDF)

German Anaesthesia Congress (DAK) 2002
Nürnberg, Germany
» Abstracts (PDF)


Recent Advances in Medical Gas Therapy
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
28. October 2006
in cooperation with the Department of Anesthesiology, VU University medical center, Amsterdam

» Abstracts (PDF)

In October 2002 headlines suggesed nitrous oxide to be the "common anaesthetic agent" that had been used by Russian military to disable terrorists at a Moskow theater.
This triggered the ISMG together with the German Society of Desaster Medicine (DGKM) to launch a special session entitled "Terrorism - Moscow and what we have learned" at the German Anesthesia Congress (DAC 2003) in Munich.

» Program (PDF)

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